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Jan Prouza

Creative Director

Jan and his creativity are absolutely essential to the success of the whole team. He is our Creative Director for a reason! Moreover, he is the founder and the event manager of our global winter event. Jan, AKA Hanzi, loves the mountains, Deštné, snow, winter sports and freedom. On the other hand, he is also fond of the urban jungle with all it represents. He has great respect for Václav Havel and his approach to public affairs and, for the same reason, he hates communism, which denied the importance of these public affairs with equal ease. He also loves The Doors, because they took him on a psychedelic trip without any actual need to take drugs. He’s opposed to preconceived, categorical opinions (sometimes even his own, but he doesn’t admit that very often, of course). The perfect boss!

Stefan Motika

Executive director

Often going by his nickname, “Stefa” is energy incarnate. Born in Bosnia, he is hyperactive and hot-tempered, a ball of fire, whose motto is “party/work/art/music/repeat”. This ongoing flood of activities sometimes temporarily drains him but he has great stamina, so his batteries always soon recharge and he’s back for more. Before Front, he spent a couple of years working for Jägermeister as an event manager and later as a junior brand manager for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. One of Stefa’s talents is to always have a clear vision of what he wants to accomplish and he also has a very strong ego, a combination that is essential (and, in Stefa’s case, also natural) for an executive director.



As an active musician, Kay has dedicated most of his life to music and led a nomadic lifestyle, visiting the greater part of the civilized world. This has helped him color his global worldview and develop a penchant for sarcasm. He hasn’t completely given up on the life of a musician, but in order to be able to indulge in his sometimes costly obsessions, he also composes music for commercials, writes for several magazines and does work as a production manager, graphic artist, designer, copywriter, occasional idea maker and radio DJ. At Front, he is responsible for all written material, including this one. But he also participates actively in all creative meetings, helping to shape and co-create all projects.

Eva Heczková

Digital content

Eva is the youngest member of our team and she is in charge of social media and video production. Whenever anything noteworthy or interesting happens at Front, her job is to let the world know about it. She’s also responsible for all the digital content, i.e. all the links between the project at hand and the online world. Eva is a perpetual student and in love with learning – she is currently studying Political Science at the Charles University and dreams about working for the UN someday. She likes good wine, wants to be fluent in Polish, and, since she now lives in the cosy neighbourhood of Prague’s Vinohrady, she has all the reasons in the world to be happy. But who knows what really keeps her going – her parents say that she was born with a smile on her face!

Andreas gold

Graphics designer

Andreas is a graphic designer and visual artist, so his profile would probably look like this: #painting #graphicdesign #branding #notamorningperson #corporateidentity #print #moravia #pragueletna. If this upsets you for some reason, you can read this interview with Andreas (in Czech) here


Head of production

Vojta’s favourites are punk rock, metal and hardcore, but he likes to wander over into other music genres as well. He simply loves music, and that’s why he has been working at several open-air music festivals. By the way, Vojta is the head of production for Mighty Sounds and he supervises one stage at Brutal Assault. With this background, it was only logical that he would come over and join Front, where he is now in charge of all preproduction and production for all major events. When he starts working, the world around him stops and his only focus is the job at hand. He loves his Excel spreadsheets and he won’t let anybody take them from him. Other important things in Vojta’s life are good movies, English and American literature (which he also studied) and, every now and then, he also likes to take time to relax with a computer game.


Event manager

David likes bears and the immortal pandas. The rest of us only hope that they both like him back. Because if they don’t, he might never listen to Coldplay again and his dream of becoming a superhero, preferably Batman, would be lost forever. David’s specific qualities include his total dedication to the client – he puts all his heart and soul into everything he does (and, needless to say, also all of his time). Like several other people at Front, he is a mountain lover, particularly when it comes to Deštná in the Orlické Mountains. It is unclear how all of the above relates to David being a Chelsea fan and a Dog of Wisdom enthusiast, but some questions should perhaps be left unasked.

Petr Moškvan

Key account CZ

Petr has it all sorted out. He has worked as a Musketeer brand ambassador for Red Bull, so he is familiar with top gourmet restaurants in the centre of Prague as well as the city’s clubs and bars. In addition, he has been in charge of bar management at events and festivals, hosted visitors from all over the world, supervised cooperation with marketing teams and, in particular, been responsible for culture-related content. He has also worked as the PR manager for the Let It Roll festival. His hobbies include music, DJing, music production, radio shows, sports and friends. His attitude towards life is absolutely “zen”: he abhors hatred and aggression, and seeks to promote kindness and a positive attitude at all times. All in all, it’s amazing to have him.

Jakub Jurkovič

Key Account Manager SK

Kubo is from Slovakia and has had quite a wide range of work experience. He used to run a music club in Bratislava and, apart from his work at Front, he also works as a production manager for Red Bull. Being the head of Front’s Slovakian office, he is our indispensable connection to our eastern neighbor. Like most of us, Kubo is fond of music and, in addition to his production activities, he sometimes enjoys being a DJ. He seems totally content with his constant travelling between Prague and Bratislava, because… he simply likes to travel!

KATka palečkovÁ

Office management

With her background as office manager for a family business, Katka had just the qualifications we were looking for. When she’s not working, she enjoys the chance to enjoy a good meal, especially Asian cuisine and, speaking of Asian, she not only enjoys eating the food but also cooking it and learning more about it. She balances out her food interests with regular exercise and sports. Katka enjoys challenges in life and is enthusiastic about her (also challenging) work at Front, but she also takes time to relax with a good book and a nice glass of wine.

Alžběta Mikešová


Alžběta graduated from the University of Economics, Prague, with a degree in International Business, but very soon she realized that she was not cut out for work in a corporate office. One of the reasons could be that she is single-minded and continually needs something new and stimulating. This is why she has now left us to spend a year in New Zealand. She continues to work with us remotely, but we still can’t wait till she’s back. Any further comments about Alžběta might include that she is full of contradictions: she likes coffee, but hates coffee with milk; she likes sports, but her soft spot is going to cafés and restaurants. She likes dogs and hates cats, so, of course, she has a cat living with her in New Zealand. Ah well, we love her all the more.