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Front Idea

“Church covered in light”

For this unique event we redesigned the premises of St. Michael’s Church in Prague, at the very heart of the city centre, in order to be able to carry out our creative concept at all levels. Again, we were in charge of all communications, the programme and its execution. The church was divided into three zones based on sensory perception: sound, vision and taste. Each floor had a different degree of interactivity, from an entirely passive experience to situations when the visitor active and was fully engaged. The gallery displayed paintings from the Summer Mobile Gallery – five painted portraits our Giants made by illustrators from the Drawetc. graphic studio. The portrait of Kamila Rundusová, aka Kamu, was created on the spot as a live real-time performance by one of Drawetc.’s street artists. Large-scale portraits of the Giants were also made during summer events, most of them by the creative artist Dodo of the Life is Porno label, in once case with the help of Michal Škapa. Everything was painted on large outdoor surfaces (two by three metres) without models, using brushes and spray paint. The largest of the exhibited works, the already mentioned collaboration of Dodo and Michal Škapa, was an almost 5 m wide portrait of Jakub Pešek of the Lunchmeat studio. There were many other activities such as exhibition of photo collages by František Ortmann, a food tattoo installation called Tattoo Glove by Forbidden Taste, a “video tree”, a “laser harp”, which allowed the visitors to play around with mixing songs by means of lasers, “tilt brush”, a 3D painting tool using virtual reality goggles, and other extraordinary things. And of course music – DJ Robot with Radimo, the exclusive collaboration of DJ NobodyListen and Never Sol on upright piano, as well as solo sets of DJ Orion and DJ NobodyListen. Our special guest from abroad was Elektro Guzzy from Austria, and the well-known Czech hip-hop crew PSH prepared a special show to accompany a visual presentation of the Lunchmeat studio, which, by the way, took care of the lighting concept of the whole area. Lots of work at all levels, but the effort paid off – UP4PRAGUE turned out to be a magnificent and unforgettable event.
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