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Yes, FRONT has a philosophy and a set of convictions that impact and guide everything we work on. At the apex of this philosophical and mission statement pyramid, there is honesty and truth. In other words, our work has to be based on reality and facts – otherwise it would easily dissolve and dissipate as dust. Our name, “FRONT”, is meant to embody the essence of how we approach life, our work and, last but not least, the needs of our clients. We also constantly work to be able to take a step
back and assess our accomplishments – not in the sense of being paranoid, but rather to make sure we are living up to our ideals. Only in this way can we stand by what we do and be able to say “no” to a client when we come across something that we find ethically unacceptable. Only in this way can we support and foster our team approach, which is built on mutual respect.
However, while we also understand that the world we live in isn’t just black or white, we also recognize that sometimes decisions aren’t easily made. We aren’t trying to hide behind big words and moral prescriptions – our strategy is strong, simple and transparent actions. We want to always be looking forward, and eyes-front. We want everyone to see us. We are FRONT.