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Horsefeathers City Jib



The history of the Horsefeathers City Jib snowboard race dates back to the year 2006. For the first two years it was more of a local race; it was only in the year 2008 that the race became widely known in Europe. After that, the event went to sleep for seven years. Its rebirth only took place in the year 2015, after which the race recorded an enormous shift on the international scene. It became one of the three most important urban snowboard races in Europe. It’s based on participation by elite world riders, the unique obstacle construction and the event’s environment (DEPO2015 in Plzeň). For this race, Front constructed and completely produced one platform equipped with containers and scaffolding, on which it created obstacles designed especially for this event. In numbers, Horsefeathers City Jib is 150 cubic metres of snow from the HC Plzeň winter stadium, 40 thousand views of the official event video, hundreds of thousands of social media contributions, participation by thirty of the world’s best riders and over 5,000 visitors.
  • 150

    m3 of snow

  • 5k


  • 30

    world-famous riders