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Meet the Giants

Front idea


Meet the Giants was a festival zone that we designed and created, which was used for non-branded communication. We came up with the entire programme and additional activities for it, and realised them with an emphasis on the pre-selected “opinion leaders” who were part of the entire concept. The ingeniously designed festival dome was a space bordered by scaffolding which included, for example, two hanging semi-transparent LED screens showing graphics and video loops with trailers for the programme in the zone. Inside the zone itself, there was a party tent with a podium, on which our “opinion leaders” Vladimir 518 and Pil C, as well as other performers, gradually took turns. The concept was also complemented by a graffiti wall, the excellent Salt’n’Pepa burger corner did a great job of providing refreshments, and it was also possible to see Kristina Ambrozová and Jakub Stýblo, whose screen printing shop Analog Bros organised workshops for visitors, producing their handwork. Just to mention something interesting – the entire summer, we had to move 96 tonnes of material from festival to festival, and build, demolish and secure the complete production of the Meet The Giants zone. The logical result of the collaboration with Philip Morris CZ/SK was the project UP4PRAGUE.
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