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Meet the Giants

Creative Platform

“We probably kept half the Barrandov Film Studios busy!”

This is a creative framework or platform encompassing several concepts and activities for Marlboro, including regional activities using Newland Boxes and the so-called MCP (Mass Consumer Promotion). In the autumn campaign, consumers could win various prizes by collecting codes from cigarette packs. In choosing their prizes, they were assisted by our opinion leaders and Giants: František Ortmann, Mike Trafik and Kamu. Another activity which we were engaged in included festival activations and their accompanying events, and we published content regularly through the M-Point app. Last but not least, we were fully in charge of the production and execution of the festival zones, which included an interactive tree installation, DJ booths, bars and, of course, the points of sale for tobacco products. In fact, we probably kept half the staff of the Barrandov Film Studios busy on this project. And we also don’t want to forget to mention the marvelous silk-screen-printed merchandise, designed and produced by Kristina Ambrozová and the Analog Bros studio and sold at festival activation sites.
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