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We have a special place for the Orlické Mountains in our hearts, partly because we’ve organised the Soldiers freeski event in Deštné for several great years. That’s why it was a joy for us to participate in the creative concept of a new identity, logo and overall communication for the Orlické Mountains and Podorlicko. In the graphics, we wagered on two basic colours – blue for winter and green for summer. The main idea of the campaign is to evoke a feeling of peace, which we lack in cities, but in the mountains and foothills it’s exactly the emotion we’re looking for. That’s why we accentuated it in the logo, graphics, fonts and photographs, as well as in the simple and straightforward texts and the overall impression of the campaign. Whether it’s hospitality, sport and relaxation, the mountains themselves or places of pilgrimage, everything mapped by our concept has one basic idea – peace.