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Adidas Consortium A//D Pack

Front Sneakers


Front, Adidas, Footshop. These three entities intersected during the presentation of the Adidas A//D pack for Footshop. We don’t have to explain who Front and Adidas are, but what’s Footshop? Poetically speaking, Footshop is a 100% concentrate of love of sneakers. A fundamental affair in the field of lifestyle sneakers and street fashion, not only in the Czech Republic and Slovakia but now also throughout Europe. Footshop started out in the year 2012, at first just as an e-shop, but it soon acquired a very strong position thanks to its unique perception of the world of sneakers and the entire philosophy around them. Front realised one of the four world premieres of the Adidas A//D pack for Footshop, which contained two new sneaker silhouettes – adiStar Comp and TwinStrike, all within the scope of the FASHION DEAL project and in the amazing industrial premises of Továrna [Factory] in Holešovice. We were in charge of the complete creation and production of this two-day release.
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